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Leroy White – The Emergence

Friday, March 16th, 2012

LeRoy White, a musician and spiritual guru of mine, has touched the lives of many over the years, including my own. He is an eternal sybol of peace, love and “sweet divine groove” for thousands across the country. LeRoy’s involvement with the Youth of Unity has been transformative to many throughout the years. His passion, rhythm and positive energy create a space for many to let go and let it flow. Anyone who has been to one of LeRoy’s concerts, knows the power of his spiritual groove. The spirit that surrounds this man is beautiful. His presence alone reaches out to touch you and bring you closer to yourself.


Personally I am blessed to have this man in my life, for the times when I was growing up and he moved my soul and for these days as I listen to his music to remember and get restarted. You are a gift to this world Leroy. The love you create is unending.



Up at dawn, I got a busy day So many things to do for it to be this way. I got hail to the chief, steady with the flow, don’t draw outside the lines and whisper what you really know. But I’m not complaining , in fact its o.k, cause I’ve got a place where I can get away.  People do what they do, people say what they say , so many things played out in the course of a day.  And when things get too much and I can’t find my way, I simply turn to the silence of myself and this is what I say. I will find a way, I will find a way, I will find a way to get myself back home. First breathe then pray. Here I am back again and I’m ready to go, ready to jump back in . I can keep the pace as long as I know the door swings both ways and sometimes ya got to go right into action into the heat of the day and sometimes ya got to be still and just get away and find a place where you can simply say, I will find a way, I will find a way, I will find a way to get myself back home, first breath then pray.
– LeRoy

I was honored to be able to photograph a man who, for me, influences my every day life, in spirit and principle.

Leroy is going to re-release all of his albums and make them available for resale. Keep checking his website for more product and tour information.