Jon and Steph, I loved being a guest at your beautiful wedding.

So it’s not very often (comparatively speaking I suppose) that I get to be an attendee at a wedding. Sometimes I just love enjoying the festivities without the adrenaline rush and craziness that is involved with being the wedding photographer. No more stress than finding the right thing to wear and catching the bus on time. :) Plus, you get to enjoy the little things a lot more. When I left for the ceremony, I almost left my camera behind. Katie persuaded me to take it (it’s like carrying around a small child.) I’m glad I did because Steph and Jon had their wedding and reception at an incredible location. The ceremony outdoors on a magnificent lawn with a large iron gate behind the alter. Magnificent trees rose to surround us as a beautiful canopy. Oh, I forgot to mention, my husband was also standing in this wedding. I really enjoyed watching the emotions flow through the people I know so well.


I was tethered to my chair. No angles. No freedoms. One location. It was interesting to be so restricted. I could finally stop to tell the story to them, as their guest, long time friend, and lover of light. My perspective, not the anticipation of everyone else’s. I would have been kicking myself if i’d left my camera at home. I just wanted to snap away. And snap I did. :)


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