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Urban Model

February 23rd, 2012

It’s always fun getting to photograph someone you know… especially when you get to have fun :). When Sierra’s mom asked me to do modeling images for her, I knew we would come up with some awesome images. We had a total blast and it was so awesome to see her shine!



In the spirit of love.

February 20th, 2012

I just finished doing a really fun event that brings back a sense of nostalgia for me; the Y.O.U. Valentines Day Dance. Last year, I put up a white background for the Christmas Dance. THIS year, the aweseome and oh so amazing John Snow, made me this awesome heart background!

The kids LOVED it. As soon as the booth was open for business, the silliness oozed from within. They couldn’t stop jumping in front of the camera donned with new fashions.



Fun at Aspen Grove, Littleton, CO

February 16th, 2012

Blaise is the kind of 8 year old you just want to hang out with. Full of life, he demonstrated to me his intense need to be in the moment fun. As we chased each other around the fountains of Aspen Grove, I captured some of my favorite images.

Every boy has a superhero inside.


Here’s to you Mr. Bullseye

February 2nd, 2012

Sometimes its nice to get thrust back into life’s earlier memories when family get’s together with purpose. This past weekend, I had the honor of returning to Northern Indiana to attend my Grandfather’s induction into the High School Football Hall of fame. All of my aunts and uncles, most of whom I see very little of, along with a some cousins, gathered to celebrate my grandfather. Mr Bullseye, he used to tell me they called him, as he would dribble around, pretending to dodge around people on the court and then he would shoot…. I remember our last time together: The Bulls were playing the Pacers. It was my husband against my grandfather and at some point I remember him standing up, air dribbling around the living room and shooting at a pretend net. The bulls had scored. It excited me to see him stand up with enthusiasm leaving behind the age that had seemingly crept up on him. I loved my grandfather and it was hard to watch him slow down.


It was really great to come together with family to honor him for the things I fondly remember about him.  I could see his reflection in the faces of my aunts and uncles and even cousins. He had touched us all and it was an honor for us, and my Grandmother especially, to accept this award for him.  The legacy of Adolf Jankowski lives on.  8 children and 22 grand children and 47 great grandchildren